About Us

The pioneer and multidisciplinary project from the University of Puerto Rico, RUMarino, will compete in 19th International RoboSub Competition in San Diego, CA. We provide students with a unique opportunity to work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Our members range across different areas of study: from engineering fields, such as Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, and Industrial and to business fields, such as Marketing and Human Relations. RoboSub, co-sponsored by the US Office of Naval Research (ONR), intends to make progress in the development of autonomous marine vehicles (AUVs).

Our goal is to design and manufacture an autonomous underwater pirate-vehicle that will execute and fulfill the tasks set down in the competition.

As our journey began we didn’t quite know what we were getting into, so we started by recruiting a team of over 34 extremely committed students from multiple engineering disciplines at the University of Puerto Rico. We had very limited knowledge on AUV’s so we researched, assigned the tasks and started working day and night. Two of our main challenges were the limited funding for our team and working with outdated equipment in our engineering labs. For these reasons, we had to be extremely creative and innovative. We had to rethink how to make use of those readily available items and make more with much less. The team members stepped up to the plate, they all became knowledgeable on AUVs and made amazing contributions, in two years’ time we developed three different vehicles: Proteus Beta, Proteus 1.0 and Proteus 2.0. These vehicles helped the team members learn about autonomous vehicles by knowing what works and what does not. During these two years our team was invited to join various forums to present our AUV:

  • The Atlantic 100 Anniversary 2016 Convention “What’s Next” Sponsored by BOEING; Chicago
  • Project Management Institute Annual Symposium, PR
  • Live Interview on TV local news
  • Front Page of Local News Paper

It has been a challenging road but a truly rewarding one. All this hard work has paid off and we have a great sense of satisfaction having our mission accomplished and achieving our dream, we have created the first autonomous underwater vehicle in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, and we finally are ready to participate at the International Robosub Competition 2017. This is the beginning to many great things to come!