The Programming team is in charge of all the programming needed for the vehicle to move and recognize obstacles during the competition.

The team is subdivided into two groups, Software Development and Machine Vision. These subgroups are in charge of designing the software architecture, the logic behind the missions, the artificial intelligence behind the decision making, and the development of the machine vision algorithms.

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The programing team is in charge of developing all the software codes for the high-level mission logic and how the vehicle will handle the interactions with his environment. Some of the logic implemented was the mission controller that is a sequential program that decides what obstacle mission Proteus is going to complete at certain moments.

Low level programing is also an integral part of the programing team as it works directly with the microcontrollers that make possible the movement of our vehicle with our thrusters.

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Develop all the code to recognize patterns and objects with our vision cameras. Our main decision making mechanism is recognizing objects with machine learning through our cameras and processing that information to give desired outputs to logic algorithms.

To be able to complete the vision tasks specified in the competition, with the help of OpenCV, the algorithm needs to perform several image processing operations:

  • Color detection and segmentation
  • Shape detection
  • Adaptive thresholding
  • Contrast stretching
  • Object segmentation
  • Distance calculation from the object to the vehicle

The Coders


Fernando Ortiz


Jose Montes

The Real Captain

Tahiri Fuentes

Pool Guy

Felix González

Scuba Diver

Esteban López


Giovanni Gardón

The Hybrid

Juan Lastra

The Rookie

Sachy Romero

The Handyman

Carlos Figueroa

No Comments Guy

Ernesto Reyes

"I swear it works!"

Edwin Mercado