Electrical Systems

The electrical engineering team is responsible for designing, testing and implementing different systems, for example, a kill switch for emergencies, voltage regulators for the different components, as well as designing and implementing different Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).

The electrical team is also in charge of designing digital controllers to implement in the system, as well as developing digital filters for our underwater microphones (Hydrophones).

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The control Systems team is in charge of the mechanical dynamics of the AUV, this includes developing the dynamic equations, linearizing them and transferring the digitalized code to a microcontroller in charge of the motion of the AUV The team is also in charge of the sensor fusion behind the peripherals and the control system. These peripherals include IMU’s and depth sensors. They are also in charge of calibrating said sensors and collecting data to be processed through our different filters.

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The Embedded Systems team is in charge of establishing the communication between the sensors, the main computer and the microcontrollers. The team is also in charge of PCB design, servo manipulation and data collection for further processing.

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The Hydrophones team is in charge of the digital signal processing (DSP) of the signals captured through our hydrophone array. The team is also developing digital filters and cross correlation algorithims as well as the code for the DSP microcontrollers to be able to locate the different frequencies in the robosub competition.

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The power systems team is in charge of creating all the circuits to distribute the power in different voltages to the different components. Also, the team is in charge of regulating voltages and developing a kill switch to turn off the AUV in case of emergency. The team is also in charge of safely handling, storing and utilizing the LiPo batteries used in our AUV.

The Cable Guys


Omar González


Ethernet Guy

Eric Correa


Bullet Connector

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The Filter

Emmanuel Méndez


Movie Guy

José Cruz


Muscle 1

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The Email Guy

Carlos Vázquez


The Swiss Knife

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The Researcher

Shayny Matias